IP Address Lookup - Instantly Locate Your Public IP (2024)

IP Lookup Tool - Instantly Trace IP Address Location

Using our powerful tool, you can instantly locate the IP address based on coordinates in four geo IP databases. It employs future-proof technology to retrieve all the details linked to an IP address, including its estimated location on the map.

Accessing our tool automatically fetches your IP address and looks up the IP2Location database, displaying the associated information on the screen. If you wish to look up another IP address, enter it into the search bar. You can also search for IP address location using a domain name.

Our IP locator will take only a few seconds to extract the following information:

  • State
  • Country
  • City
  • ISP Name
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

It will also display the proxy, tor, and spam status — helping you check if the IP owner is using any software to hide its IP address or if it is flagged for suspicious activities.

Remember that the information you need will just be a scroll away. Check all the database results to find what you’re looking for. You can click on more to view all the details gathered from other databases, including IPInfo.io, IPGeoLocation.io, and DP IP.

Anyone can leverage our IP checker to trace IP address locations and other essential details for free. It is easily accessible from all devices connected to the internet.

How Does IP Address Lookup Work?

Our IP address lookup tool directly communicates with various geo databases to determine an IP address's geographical location and other associated information. Here’s how it works step by step:

IP Address Entry:

Your IP address is automatically fetched and located when you access our IP Finder. If you want to look up another IP address/domain name, enter it into the search bar and look up the IP databases to retrieve the desired information.

GeoIP Database Lookup:

The IP address is used to query IP2Location, IPInfo.io, IPGeoLocation.io, and DP IP databases that contain information about all IP addresses and their locations. These databases store vast data, including IP ranges, geographical coordinates, Internet Service Provider (ISP) information, and more.

Geolocation Calculation:

Our IP lookup tool extracts the IP address's geographical coordinates, such as latitude and longitude, from the GeoIP databases. Using these coordinates, it determines the estimated location of the IP address on the map.

Result Display:

All the retrieved details, including country, state, city, ISP name, latitude, and longitude associated with the IP address, are displayed on the screen. It also provides information about proxy, Tor, or spam usage.

Note: Our IP location finder does not provide the exact location of an IP address. The geolocation data estimates the provided IP address, not the user's exact location. The live location can only be traced when the user allows an app or a website to obtain location data through mobile, tablet, or browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find all the valuable information about IP addresses, including a detailed overview of IP location.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is an acronym for Internet Protocol Address, which works as an identifier for each device connected to the Internet. It enables the computers and other networking devices to send data to the requested device for a query. The IP address is the cornerstone of the Internet; without an IP address, the Internet would die. It is a blend of a sequence of numbers that starts from zero and goes up to 255. An example of an IP address is The decimal digits in an IP address have four groups separated by a dot. Each group can have a possible value ranging from 0 to 255. A user can check the IP assigned to their device by what is my IP Address tool.

What is IP location?

IP Location maps an IP address with the real-world geographic location of its internet-connected device or domain. At the same time, geolocation involves mapping the IP addresses to the IP owner's country, region, state, city, and latitude/longitude. You only need a target's IP address and a geolocation database to track it. Our IP location finder has direct access to public geolocation databases, which makes it valuable for retrieving registration and location information for any IP address.

Why do you need to check the IP location?

There can be several reasons for which you may need to check IP location. You can perform IP Address Lookup for:


IP location helps determine the approximate physical location of an internet user or device for targeted advertising, regional content delivery, and compliance with geographical restrictions.

Website analytics:

IP location data provides insights into visitor demographics and behavior for website owners to tailor content and make informed decisions.


IP location assesses potential security risks associated with an IP address and protects systems and networks from high-risk countries or malicious activities.

Network troubleshooting:

IP location aids in diagnosing network issues and investigating suspicious activities by identifying the geographical origin of network events.

Compliance and legal purposes:

IP location information is used for legal investigations, such as tracking down cybercrime perpetrators or copyright infringers.

How does IP to location check work?

IP to Location lookup traces the location of an electronic device or domain through its IP address, examining the geolocation database for extracting the associated details. The IP location details retrieved with the help of our IP Checker include state, country, city, and geographic coordinates, along with an estimated location pinpointed on the map.

Can I track the IP address's exact location?

IP-based geolocation services offer an estimation of location rather than providing precise geolocation information. Using IP location finder, you can obtain 95% to 99% accuracy at the country level, 55% to 80% at the regional or state level, and 50% to 75% at the city level.

Remember that the geolocation database's accuracy varies depending on which database you use.

Where can I get an IP-based geolocation database?

Some of the most popular geolocation databases are IP2Location, IPgeolocation, IPinfo, IPligence, IP2C, DB-IP, and IP API. You can access top geolocation databases using our online IP Address Lookup Tool. It automatically retrieves the location and other relevant information of the given IP Address.

Can the IP address location be wrong?

IP location is just the approximate physical location of an IP address. Sometimes you might see that your IP geolocation is wrong. This may happen because an IP-based geolocation database has mapped your data incorrectly, or the IP owner uses the VPN to mask the real-time location.

What to do if the IP locator provides the wrong IP geolocation?

If the IP location lookup tool displays your IP's incorrect location, you can contact the geolocation providers directly. Here are a few links to proceed:

Wait for the geolocation provider to approve your request. Once your request is approved, making the corrections may take a month or more. The processing time varies from provider to provider.

IP Address Lookup - Instantly Locate Your Public IP (2024)
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