No Man's Sky: How To Get Void Motes (2024)

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The Autophage have arrived in No Man’s Sky, and their arrival brings a collection of new robot-themed cosmetics to unlock as well as a new type of multi-tool. To unlock these new items, you’ll need to provide the Autophage with a new resource: Void Motes.

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You’ll need thousands of Void Motes in order to unlock every cosmetic, and likely thousands more to get the right look for your new staff multi-tool. Luckily, there are several ways of collecting vast quantities of Void Motes, and we’ll go over each of them in this guide. Read on to discover the many secrets of Void Motes.

What Are Void Motes?

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Void Motes are purified and refined drops of Atlantideum (the resource added in the Interceptor update) and can be given to the Autophage to curry favor with them. The in-game description says that Void Motes can be acquired by assisting the Autophage, but that’s merely one way of obtaining them.

There are three ways of obtaining Void Motes: from salvage at Harmonic Camps, as mission rewards from Outlaw Space Stations, and as rewards for assisting the Autophage. We’ll go over each method below.

How To Get Void Motes From Harmonic Camps

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Harmonic Camps (also added in the Interceptor update) now have a chance to provide Void Motes. Harmonic Camps are found in Dissonant star systems and are the location where Travellers can find Sentinel multi-tools.

For detailed instructions on how to find Harmonic Camps, check out our previous guide on the subject here.

Void Motes have a chance to spawn in the salvage wheelbarrows surrounding the camp. There are typically three to four wheelbarrows in a single Harmonic Camp, and each one has a chance to contain 60 to 90 Void Motes.

This is not a particularly effective way of farming Void Motes, however, as there’s a chance these camps won’t have any Void Motes at all. It’s certainly worth gathering the salvage at each camp if you’re looking for a Sentinel multi-tool, but there are better ways of obtaining Void Motes.

How To Get Void Motes From Outlaw Space Stations

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In addition to Outlaws now being their own faction with standing, Outlaw mission providers can now potentially reward Travellers with Void Motes. Outlaw missions can range from attacking civilian freighters to smuggling contraband goods into lawful space systems, and their rewards can also vary widely.

While it may be a good idea to check with the Outlaw mission provider to see if there are any missions awarding Void Motes, there’s no guarantee that any such missions will be available. As such, it’s not recommended to attempt farming Void Motes from Outlaw space stations either.

Outlaw missions can provide anywhere from 200 to 285 Void Motes.

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How To Get Void Motes From Assisting Autophage

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The best and most reliable way to receive Void Motes is by assisting Autophage. Completing tasks for the Autophage will always award Travellers with Void Motes as well as Autophage standing and several new words in the Autophage language.

Travelers must complete the “They Who Return” mission and receive their first staff multi-tool before being able to perform tasks for the Autophage.

Use the Polyphonic Core on your new staff multi-tool (or the one provided during the “The Who Return” mission) to locate an Autophage encampment. This will require some Atlantideum, so be sure to stock up before you begin farming these missions.

There is typically at least one Autophage encampment in each inhabited system, and each encampment has between three and seven Autophage living there. Each Autophage can provide Travellers with one mission, and each mission awards between 250 and 450 Void Motes.

There are currently four types of potential missions available from the Autophage. These include repairing a lost Autophage, going to a location to kill eight sentinels, salvaging a ship, or providing several crafted components.

Provide Resources for The Autophage

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By far, the easiest mission to complete is providing resources. These resources are fairly basic and the Autophage will only require a small quantity of them to complete the mission.

Autophage can request any of the basic components Travellers can craft, including:

Amino Chamber

Solar Mirror

Hydraulic Wiring

Launch Fuel

Anti-matter Housing

Di-Hydrogen Jelly

Hermetic Seal

Magnetic Resonator

Quantum Computer

Metal Plating

Carbon Nanotubes


Autophage can also request several resources, including Chromatic Metal, Rusty Metal, or planetary resources like Parrifinium.

These items must be handed over to the Autophage that requested them, and you cannot stack these missions to complete several at once. You can, however, pre-craft these components to hand them over as soon as they're requested.

Salvaging Ships

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Some Autophage will request salvaged ship components from Travellers worth a certain value in credits. These Autophage will provide you with the location of a crashed ship and task you with repairing it enough to be flown to the nearby space station for scrapping.

Although the Autophage will provide you with the location of a crashed ship as part of the mission, you can technically salvage any ship and provide the salvaged components to complete the mission.

For info on repairing and scrapping crashed ships, check out our previous guide here.

Repairing A Lost Autophage

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Some Autophage wander off into the wilderness and get into trouble. Repairing these lost Autophage is very similar to rescuing a stranded entity, but requires different materials.

The lost Autophage will typically be found somewhere on the same planet as the Autophage encampment. You will be provided with the approximate location of the Lost Autophage and will have to use your analysis visor to find the lost Autophage.

Once found, the lost Autophage will require several elements for repairs as well as a small quantity of Atlantideum to reactivate. Once done, return to the Autophage that provided the task to complete the mission.

Kill Eight Sentinels

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Another Autophage mission will request you kill eight Sentinels. The Autophage will provide you with the location of a Sentinel drone, and then it’s just a matter of destroying Sentinels until you’ve terminated the requisite number.

Head here for some helpful hints on killing Sentinels.

Once the required eight sentinels have been killed, return to the Autophage to complete the mission.

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Rewards Requiring Void Motes

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The Autophage offer quite a few rewards for Void Motes. All of them are obtained from the Autophage Synthesis Terminal located at any Autophage encampment. Potential rewards include:

  • 15 new Autophage-themed head customizations
  • Four armor customizations, including armor, cloak, wrap, and drape
  • Autophage-themed hood, headscarf, and facial mask
  • Staff multi-tool components
  • Repair Kits
  • Rebuilt Exosuit Modules

Rebuilt Exosuit Modules are very similar to the Sentinel Forbidden Exosuit Modules added in the Interceptor update. They provide the same potential benefits and also integrate with the Forbidden Exosuit Modules for the purposes of adjacency bonuses.

Obtaining all the new Autophage-themed customization will require around 25,000 Void Motes. After that, creating the perfect staff multi-tool or finding the right combination of Rebuild Exosuit Modules will likely require thousands more. You could spend hours grinding out Void Motes from the Autophage, or you could opt for a faster approach.

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No Man's Sky: How To Get Void Motes (2024)
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