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Powerball is played in 45 US states as well as Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Islands and Washington D.C., and the wide participation creates some huge prize pools. The biggest-ever Powerball winners have each claimed hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money, and the game holds the record for the largest jackpot ever offered: an incredible $2.04 billion.

Some states have enjoyed considerable success, while others are still waiting to register their first Powerball jackpot winner. The table below is updated whenever the top prize is won and shows how many jackpot-winning tickets have been sold in each of the participating areas.

There have been hundreds of jackpot winners over the years, snapping up multimillion-dollar rewards. Visit the Biggest Powerball Winners section at the bottom of the page to find out about the largest prizes ever given away on the game.

Powerball Winners | Powerball Winners by State (1)The most recent Powerball jackpot was won on Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

There was 1 jackpot winning ticket that matched 5 main numbers and the Powerball.The ticket was purchased in Ohio.

Winners by State

Powerball was launched in 23 states in 1992, and its membership has gradually increased in the years since. As a result, some states have seen more jackpot winners than others. Use our interactive map to see how many jackpots have been claimed in your state, and find out where it stands compared to other states in the table beneath.

List of Powerball winners by State
State:Jackpot Winners:Percentage of Total
Jackpot Winners:
New Jersey122.9%
New York122.9%
New Hampshire112.7%
Washington, D.C.112.7%
West Virginia92.2%
Rhode Island82%
North Carolina61.5%
South Carolina61.5%
New Mexico51.2%
South Dakota30.7%
Puerto Rico20.5%
North Dakota00%
U.S. Virgin Islands00%

Three jackpots have gone unclaimed since the beginning of the game. One was from a ticket purchased in Georgia, another from Indiana and a $16 million jackpot prize that went unclaimed in Florida.

Powerball Jackpots

The table below shows all the Powerball jackpots to have been won since 2003. Use it to find out who has won the top prize, plus when and where the jackpots have been given away. See how much each win was worth and whether the lucky players took the cash option or the annuity. Find out who the last Powerball winner was as soon as they come forward.

Powerball Jackpots Won (Most Recent First)
LocationWinner NameDateAnnuity ValueCash ValueCash or Annuity
OhioTBCJuly 3, 2024$139,300,000$66,500,000TBC
New JerseyTBCJune 10, 2024$222,600,000$104,700,000TBC
FloridaTBCMay 6, 2024$214,900,000$100,100,000TBC
OregonCheng “Charlie” Saephan, Duanpen Saephan and Laiza ChaoApril 6, 2024$1,325,900,000$621,000,000Cash
MichiganThe Breakfast ClubJanuary 1, 2024$842,400,000$425,200,000Cash
CaliforniaGroup of winners represented by Theodorus StruyckOctober 11, 2023$1,764,900,000$774,100,000TBC
CaliforniaYanira AlvarezJuly 19, 2023$1,080,800,000$558,100,000Cash
OhioThe Crazy Luck TrustApril 19, 2023$252,600,000$134,669,327.27Cash
VirginiaAnonymousMarch 4, 2023$162,600,000$82,652,621.31Annuity
WashingtonBecky BellFebruary 6, 2023$754,600,000$407,204,980.44Cash
KansasAnonymousNovember 19, 2022$92,900,000$47,309,601.39Cash
CaliforniaEdwin CastroNovember 7, 2022$2,040,100,000$997,617,687.27Cash
PennsylvaniaTaylor O.August 3, 2022$206,900,000$122,361,080.04Cash
VermontAPI Trust DTDJune 29, 2022$366,700,000$208,452,071.69Cash
ArizonaAnonymousApril 27, 2022$473,100,000$283,269,626.72Cash
ConnecticutR.K.February 14, 2022$185,300,000$123,943,514.25Cash
CaliforniaOrlando Zavala LozanoJanuary 5, 2022$632,600,000$450,220,560.99Cash
WisconsinTammy and Cliff WebsterJanuary 5, 2022$632,600,000$450,220,560.99Cash
CaliforniaScott GodfreyOctober 4, 2021$699,800,000$495,980,160.52Cash
FloridaThe Love You More TrustJune 5, 2021$285,600,000$196,706,252.17Cash
FloridaThomas YiMarch 27, 2021$235,400,000$160,038,447.27Cash
New JerseyAnonymousJanuary 30, 2021$33,200,000$24,831,027.77Cash
New JerseyAnonymousJanuary 23, 2021$23,200,000$17,357,620.37Cash
MarylandThe Power PackJanuary 20, 2021$731,100,000$546,824,471.89Cash
New YorkSeptember 2020, LLCSeptember 16, 2020$94,800,000$75,719,457.54Cash
FloridaWilliam KrugerAugust 12, 2020$168,500,000$140,145,006Cash
WisconsinThomas Cook and Joseph FeeneyJune 10, 2020$22,000,000$16,704,631.74Cash
West VirginiaAnonymousJune 3, 2020$136,400,000$108,055,288.11Cash
New JerseyAnonymousApril 8, 2020$190,000,000$155,993,431.86Cash
MichiganCristy DavisFebruary 12, 2020$70,000,000$49,786,628.73Cash
FloridaVacation Life LLCJanuary 29, 2020$396,900,000$276,558,034.09Cash
CaliforniaBill LawrenceNovember 2, 2019$150,000,000$104,821,802.94Cash
MichiganPhillip ChippewaSeptember 21, 2019$80,000,000$55,286,800.28Cash
New YorkDavid YaxSeptember 4, 2019$80,000,000$57,306,590.26Cash
New YorkHealthy Rainbow, LLCAugust 17, 2019$148,000,000$105,638,829.41Cash
TennesseeFreedom TrustJuly 13, 2019$198,000,000$128,130,339.46Cash
North CarolinaCharles W. Jackson Jr.June 1, 2019$344,600,000$223,347,054.78Cash
WisconsinManuel FrancoMarch 27, 2019$768,400,000$476,995,390.84Cash
New YorkDavid JohnsonDecember 26, 2018$298,300,000$180,227,550.72Cash
IowaLerynne WestOctober 27, 2018$687,800,000$396,173,042.06Cash
New YorkRobert BaileyOctober 27, 2018$687,800,000$396,173,042.06Cash
New YorkNandlall MangalAugust 11, 2018$245,600,000$147,844,558.62Cash
OregonSteven NickellJune 20, 2018$150,400,000$90,318,193.47Cash
New JerseyTayeb SouamiMay 19, 2018$315,300,000$183,222,685.13Cash
LouisianaThe Moose Family TrustMarch 24, 2018$55,900,000$33,587,274.16Cash
PennsylvaniaEmerald Legacy TrustMarch 17, 2018$456,700,000$273,959,698Cash
New HampshireGood Karma Family 2018 Nominee TrustJanuary 6, 2018$559,700,000$352,018,919.39Cash
Louisiana292 Family PartnershipOctober 25, 2017$191,100,000$119,492,684.81Cash
ColoradoJudy F.September 16, 2017$133,200,000$84,607,397.29Cash
MassachusettsMavis WanczykAugust 23, 2017$758,700,0004480,500,936.39Cash
CaliforniaJeff LindsayJune 10, 2017$447,800,000$279,175,254.46Cash
ArizonaAnonymousApril 1, 2017$60,000,000$36,452,004.24Cash
WisconsinMai XiongMarch 22, 2017$156,200,000$93,114,002.73Cash
IndianaAnonymousFebruary 22, 2017$435,300,000$263,511,438.99Cash
DelawareAnonymousDecember 17, 2016$121,600,000$72,145,291.83Cash
TennesseeTennessee 20November 26, 2016$420,900,000$254,652,358.97Cash
GeorgiaWilliam & Heather ten BroekeSeptember 17, 2016$246,800,000$165,613,510.93Cash
New HampshireRobin Egg 2016 Nominee TrustJuly 30, 2016$487,000,000$341,726,178.1Cash
New JerseySmith Family Lottery PoolMay 7, 2016$429,600,000$284,097,219.71Cash
FloridaJames StocklasMarch 2, 2016$291,400,000$191,470,307.58Cash
CaliforniaMarvin & Mae AcostaJanuary 13, 2016$1,586,400,000$983,505,233.36Cash
FloridaThe Nickel 95 TrustJanuary 13, 2016$1,586,400,000$983,505,233.36Cash
TennesseeLisa & John RobinsonJanuary 13, 2016$1,586,400,000$983,505,233.36Cash
TennesseeAvondale Revocable TrustNovember 4, 2015$144,100,000$89,795,622.27Cash
MichiganJulie LeachSeptember 30, 2015$310,500,000$197,417,561.95Cash
CaliforniaWillie NelsonAugust 1, 2015$110,000,000$70,108,349.27Cash
MissouriTom ReaJuly 4, 2015$70,000,000$42,735,042.74Cash
FloridaOrencia BarzeyJune 20, 2015$80,000,000$49,566,294.92Cash
ArizonaMaria HerreraJune 3, 2015$188,900,000$119,993,157.94Cash
Puerto RicoAnonymousApril 18, 2015$50,000,000$33,557,046.98Cash
FloridaAlice DawsonApril 11, 2015$80,000,000$53,440,213.76Cash
New JerseyRocklin FourMarch 25, 2015$40,000,000$26,845,637.58Cash
TennesseeMichael DuncanMarch 21, 2015$50,000,000$33,557,046.98Cash
New YorkAnthony PerosiMarch 14, 2015$136,000,000$88,533,767.72Cash
North CarolinaMarie HolmesFebruary 11, 2015$564,100,000$381,138,450.16Cash
Puerto RicoAnonymousFebruary 11, 2015$564,100,000$381,138,450.16Cash
TexasTL Management TrustFebruary 11, 2015$564,100,000$381,138,450.16Cash
WashingtonLisa N. QuanNovember 29, 2014$90,000,000$56,818,181.82Cash
MissouriMarilyn BoldonNovember 8, 2014$202,600,000$126,452,603.46Cash
CaliforniaVinh NguyenSeptember 24, 2014$228,500,000$136,154,788.75Annuity
ColoradoClaude “Al” G.August 9, 2014$90,000,000$54,878,048.78Cash
CaliforniaJohn “Jack” LongJuly 19, 2014$60,000,000$36,101,083.03Cash
OhioMary Ann ThompsonJuly 9, 2014$124,900,000$73,120,898.02Cash
TennesseeRoy co*ckrumJune 11, 2014$259,800,000$153,530,034.56Cash
FloridaFlaMass Family Lottery Joint VentureApril 23, 2014$148,800,000$86,932,220.04Cash
MissouriJohn and Susan BrandsMarch 22, 2014$96,500,000$55,351,107.35Cash
CaliforniaJoseph SaxerMarch 1, 2014$60,000,000$34,443,168.77Cash
CaliforniaB. Raymond BuxtonFebruary 19, 2014$425,300,000$242,189,743.03Cash
MissouriKevin CarlsonDecember 25, 2013$71,500,000$39,875,184.78Cash
NebraskaDavid & Erica HarrigDecember 11, 2013$122,900,000$68,365,971.11Cash
MassachusettsMaureen & Stephen HinckleyDecember 11, 2013$122,900,000$68,365,971.11Cash
New YorkMaksim NikolayevNovember 16, 2013$130,300,000$73,356,671.49Cash
CaliforniaCarlo “Carl” MitchellOctober 23, 2013$213,400,000$123,264,611.22Cash
South CarolinaAnonymousSeptember 18, 2013$399,400,000$223,256,476.69Cash
MinnesotaPaul WhiteAugust 7, 2013$448,400,000$258,163,064.3Cash
New JerseyOcean’s 16August 7, 2013$448,400,000$258,163,064.3Cash
New JerseyMario ScarniciAugust 7, 2013$448,400,000$258,163,064.3Cash
PennsylvaniaPatricia ChandlerJune 22, 2013$131,500,000$77,412,904.79Cash
TexasPaul McDowellMay 29, 2013$40,000,000$24,906,600.25Cash
DelawareAnonymousMay 25, 2013$50,000,000$31,133,250.31Cash
FloridaUnclaimedMay 25, 2013$50,000,000$31,133,250.31Unclaimed
LouisianaThe Williams TrustMay 25, 2013$50,000,000$31,133,250.31Cash
FloridaGloria C. MackenzieMay 18, 2013$590,500,000$370,896,780.54Cash
IllinoisTed BaumgartnerMarch 30, 2013$50,000,000$31,367,628.61Cash
New JerseyPedro QuezadaMarch 23, 2013$338,300,000$211,026,552.16Cash
VirginiaDave HoneywellFebruary 6, 2013$217,200,000$136,450,911.26Cash
FloridaChristopher McGurrenDecember 26, 2012$50,000,000$32,446,463.34Cash
KansasAnonymousDecember 19, 2012$50,000,000$32,679,738.56Cash
MassachusettsRosa DeLeon & Reginald LeBlancDecember 12, 2012$50,000,000$33,003,300.33Cash
PennsylvaniaRoger CusterDecember 5, 2012$50,000,000$33,134,526.18Cash
ArizonaMatthew GoodNovember 28, 2012$587,500,000$384,747,857.92Cash
MissouriCindy & Mark HillNovember 28, 2012$587,500,000$384,747,857.92Cash
DelawareAnonymousOctober 3, 2012$50,000,000$33,046,926.64Cash
IowaMary and Brian LohseSeptember 26, 2012$202,100,000$129,786,076.76Cash
MichiganDonald LawsonAugust 15, 2012$337,000,000$224,655,690.17Cash
ConnecticutNoel PeelJune 23, 2012$60,000,000$39,814,200.4Cash
IowaThe Shipping 20June 13, 2012$241,000,000$160,334,459.84Cash
PennsylvaniaSEPTA 48April 25, 2012$172,700,000$107,533,278.77Cash
New JerseyJoseph & Celeste TamburelloMarch 21, 2012$70,000,000$41,543,026.71Cash
Rhode IslandOhana TrustMarch 7, 2012$60,000,000$37,059,913.53Cash
New YorkTara Ramirez/Case Park LLCFebruary 25, 2012$70,000,000$43,668,122.27Cash
Rhode IslandLouise White/Sherbert TrustFebruary 11, 2012$336,400,000$209,966,435.24Cash
MarylandName WithheldDecember 24, 2011$128,800,000$81,295,926.7Cash
PennsylvaniaSteven LloydNovember 19, 2011$59,900,000$37,622,580.2Cash
ConnecticutPutnam Ave. Family TrustNovember 2, 2011$254,200,000$151,664,457.51Cash
GeorgiaKathy ScruggsSeptember 14, 2011$25,000,000$15,124,016.94Cash
MarylandName WithheldSeptember 7, 2011$108,800,000$65,294,048.66Cash
MinnesotaThomas MorrisAugust 10, 2011$228,900,000$123,602,685.09Cash
GeorgiaUnclaimedJune 29, 2011$77,100,000$40,827,464.52Unclaimed
MassachusettsJimmy FreemanJune 8, 2011$25,600,000$13,493,470.86Cash
New York1937 Flatbrush Avenue Dodgers LLCJune 1, 2011$201,900,000$106,159,636.69Cash
IndianaBill SwansonApril 23, 2011$74,000,000$37,728,064.69Cash
IndianaMichael Reardon & Darin FoxApril 6, 2011$221,700,000$111,737,725.76Cash
FloridaCarvajal Family GroupFebruary 26, 2011$182,100,000$91,187,716.61Cash
New YorkStephen KirwinJanuary 22, 2011$122,100,000$61,224,679.58Cash
New YorkJeffrey & Christine PintuuffDecember 25, 2010$48,800,000$24,856,581.43Cash
IllinoisShim PartnershipDecember 11, 2010$37,500,000$19,120,859.32Cash
KentuckyMuncie MeadeDecember 11, 2010$37,500,000$19,120,859.32Cash
ArizonaSheila VerkeDecember 1, 2010$95,300,000$49,995,249.5Cash
MichiganTeam VictoryNovember 6, 2010$128,600,000$69,606,573.55Cash
FloridaZiegler Family Revocable TrustOctober 6, 2010$61,500,000$34,553,793.03Cash
GeorgiaGerald RenderSeptember 18, 2010$116,000,000$63,050,992.65Cash
West VirginiaWilliam SmithAugust 21, 2010$79,000,000$44,347,250.99Cash
LouisianaH & N Family PartnershipJuly 31, 2010$85,700,000$47,770,485.7Cash
FloridaElizabeth Choras-HannaJuly 10, 2010$73,800,000$38,929,055.11Cash
MontanaKimberly ClaassenJune 23, 2010$96,900,000$50,200,000Cash
OhioLucky 13 Plus OneJune 23, 2010$96,900,000$50,200,000Cash
Ohio2010 Blind TrustJune 2, 2010$261,600,000$134,917,238.27Cash
MissouriChris ShawApril 21, 2010$258,500,000$124,875,122.48Cash
New JerseySandra McneilMarch 13, 2010$211,700,000$101,550,225.01Cash
North CarolinaFrank GriffinFebruary 6, 2010$141,400,000$69,682,459.88Cash
ArkansasName WithheldJanuary 2, 2010$25,000,000$12,153,621.78Cash
KentuckyRob AndersonDecember 26, 2009$128,600,000$63,456,864.77Cash
OklahomaThe End of the Rainbow TrustNovember 21, 2009$32,800,000$16,727,823.43Cash
KansasDonald DamonNovember 11, 2009$96,600,000$48,367,329.08Cash
WisconsinDoug MironOctober 14, 2009$31,400,000$16,703,507.9Cash
FloridaDr. William SteeleOctober 3, 2009$189,000,000$101,160,403.68Cash
South CarolinaSolomon Jackson Jr.August 19, 2009$259,900,000$129,777,212.43Cash
ConnecticutRahul PatelJune 27, 2009$25,000,000$12,506,253.12Cash
North CarolinaJeff WilsonJune 20, 2009$88,100,000$42,459,584Cash
South DakotaNeal WanlessMay 27, 2009$232,100,000$118,005,530.33Cash
Washington DCRockson, LLCApril 8, 2009$144,000,000$79,681,116.20Cash
DelawareAnonymousFebruary 28, 2009$174,400,000$93,258,224.32Cash
PennsylvaniaPalmira NicoloFebruary 28, 2009$174,400,000$93,258,224.32Cash
IndianaGMTR Investments, LLCJanuary 17, 2009$163,200,000$97,666,541.99Cash
IndianaSWS Investments LLCNovember 22, 2008$57,600,000$30,815,336.43Cash
PennsylvaniaMyrna and Thomas ShearerOctober 29, 2008$58,600,000$30,207,012.05Cash
Pennsylvania22 Postal WorkersOctober 4, 2008$20,000,000$10,282,776.35Cash
New MexicoRoswell Fun HaversSeptember 27, 2008$206,000,000$102,903,652.63Cash
PennsylvaniaBarrie Edwards FamilyAugust 2, 2008$86,300,000$42,529,765.37Cash
OklahomaZorro TrustJuly 2, 2008$84,900,000$41,305,108.74Cash
LouisianaEmilia DelgadoMay 31, 2008$34,100,000$16,195,787.02Cash
South CarolinaJonathan VargasMay 17, 2008$35,300,000$17,175,336.18Cash
MinnesotaPaul RosenauMay 3, 2008$180,100,000$88,020,951.4Cash
West VirginiaMonongalia County Tax Office 8March 15, 2008$276,300,000$139,421,731.44Cash
LouisianaCarl HunterJanuary 16, 2008$97,000,000$48,478,863.05Cash
Kentucky Linville Lee HuffDecember 12, 2007$33,600,000$16,471,526.51Cash
Rhode IslandSheila BotelhoNovember 28, 2007$151,900,000$75,231,092.06Cash
ColoradoSEEP Financial GroupOctober 10, 2007$20,000,000$9,402,914.9Annuity
ConnecticutJohn LorussoOctober 3, 2007$15,000,000$7,035,647.28Cash
LouisianaWilliam Heid Jr.September 29, 2007$15,000,000$7,035,647.28Cash
KentuckyNukote 22September 26, 2007$61,500,000$28,558,114.97Cash
WisconsinSteve PeotSeptember 5, 2007$29,100,000$13,678,094.29Cash
IndianaCoterel & Hiles FamilyAugust 25, 2007$314,300,000$145,985,099.64Cash
OklahomaDon & Joyce HarveyJune 27, 2007$105,800,000$46,837,771.64Cash
New MexicoFelipe PiñaMay 23, 2007$62,800,000$29,450,223.26Cash
New HampshireDale Chellis & Toni SergottApril 28, 2007$67,000,000$31,919,876.64Cash
South CarolinaDick SandlinApril 4, 2007$15,000,000$7,122,507.12Cash
WisconsinName WithheldMarch 31, 2007$40,700,000$19,321,993.13Cash
OregonDaniel GannonMarch 17, 2007$182,700,000$88,067,283.39Cash
ArizonaBarry & Barbara SalzmanJanuary 27, 2007$15,000,000$7,002,801.02Cash
MissouriWilson FamilyJanuary 24, 2007$254,000,000$120,508,183.07Cash
North CarolinaJackie AlstonNovember 29, 2006$74,500,000$36,071,688.7Cash
ArizonaArizona 9November 1, 2006$94,100,000$44,335,812.17Cash
MinnesotaMichael HawesNovember 1, 2006$94,100,000$44,335,812.17Cash
LouisianaJane JabertSeptember 30, 2006$15,000,000$7,253,384.91Cash
KansasAnonymousSeptember 27, 2006$15,000,000$7,170,172.08Cash
IowaTim & Kellie GuderianSeptember 23, 2006$200,800,000$95,974,824.23Cash
Wisconsin100 MiraclesAugust 5, 2006$208,600,000$95,821,171.53Mixed
OklahomaWJW Investment TrustJune 17, 2006$101,800,000$46,276,534.29Cash
South DakotaLan NguyenMay 17, 2006$116,800,000$51,584,755.35Cash
MissouriMissouri Lucky 13April 12, 2006$224,200,000$102,868,636.47Mixed
NebraskaConAgra Food WorkersFebruary 18, 2006$365,000,000$177,270,519.67Cash
IowaHugh HawkinsDecember 14, 2005$113,200,000$54,779,833.72Cash
MissouriScheinost FamilyNovember 2, 2005$36,000,000$17,179,323.47Cash
OregonChaney & West FamiliesOctober 19, 2005$340,000,000$164,410,058.03Cash
New MexicoJon San CartierAugust 10, 2005$93,400,000$52,189,495.32Cash
West VirginiaThe FEMA TeamJune 29, 2005$10,000,000$5,820,721.77Cash
ConnecticutChristopher EwenJune 25, 2005$59,500,000$34,662,300.66Cash
IdahoBrad DukeMay 28, 2005$220,300,000$125,315,236.79Cash
TennesseeThe Hubbard FamilyMarch 30, 2005$25,500,000$13,851,308.26Cash
PennsylvaniaBob & Patty MacZuraMarch 16, 2005$18,700,000$10,166.550.04Cash
IndianaBarbara & Craig LennenMarch 5, 2005$19,813,007$10,810,758.88Annuity
IndianaEric KyleFebruary 23, 2005$18,700,000$10,397,024.86Annuity
Idahoduch*ess TrustFebruary 12, 2005$40,600,000$23,041,529.64Cash
LouisianaKathleen, Karen & JanetJanuary 22, 2005$26,400,000$14,734,333.8Cash
PennsylvaniaPeter BapesJanuary 8, 2005$36,800,000$20,214,179.56Cash
WisconsinTim SindelDecember 22, 2004$30,900,000$16,988,664.6Cash
ArizonaSteven HerberDecember 22, 2004$30,900,000$16,988,664.6Cash
NebraskaJoseph Petto & FamilyDecember 22, 2004$30,900,000$16,988,664.6Cash
PennsylvaniaWLT TrustDecember 8, 2004$171,400,000$93,428,155.06Cash
PennsylvaniaJacquelyn MooreOctober 16, 2004$14,400,000$7,918,154.68Cash
Iowa33 Co-Workers from SeafordOctober 9, 2004$214,700,000$116,941.166.55Cash
DelawareMary Beth & David WenellAugust 14, 2004$98,700,000$53,118,608.53Cash
MinnesotaJackie & Jim LagoonJuly 7, 2004$21,100,000$11,143,150.45Cash
MinnesotaAnonymousJune 26, 2004$65,800,000$34,231,030.84Cash
South CarolinaJim Hare & Tom HareMay 29, 2004$52,000,000$26,934,553.39Cash
PennsylvaniaSteve & Kristine WhiteMay 8, 2004$213,200,000$110,230,721.16Cash
PennsylvaniaTim & Pam RiversMarch 13, 2004$89,000,000$49,946,510.27Cash
IndianaThe Bow TrustFebruary 4, 2004$85,500,000$46,538,615.59Cash
New HampshireNorman & DeAnna ShueDecember 31, 2003$221,500,000$120,299,502.97Cash
South CarolinaLisa EnsorDecember 31, 2003$221,500,00$120,299,502.97Cash
PennsylvaniaJames & Rebeca AllenNovember 5, 2003$12,800,000$6,692,026.43Cash
IndianaJon & Louanne LashbrookOctober 29, 2003$10,000,000$5,213,764.34Cash
IndianaRegina MandabachOctober 25, 2003$190,900,000$99,530,384.74Cash
IndianaHappy HuskersOctober 25, 2003$190,900,000$99,530,384.74Cash
MinnesotaAeetos Trust, Rosemary Centola
& Lawrence Centola
August 30, 2003$135,600,000$70,827,221.85Cash
New HampshireAlva OsborneJuly 16, 2003$13,500,000$7,522,151.2Cash
KentuckyWilliam & Claudia WalkenbachJuly 9, 2003$261,300,000$147,283,580.1Cash
MissouriScott & Marian CalliganJuly 9, 2003$261,300,000$147,283,580.1Cash
PennsylvaniaAnthony & Monica WilsonMay 7, 2003$88,700,000$48,779,827.18Cash
South CarolinaHobert & Mary ParnellMarch 26, 2003$62,400,000$33,608,560.64Cash
West VirginiaCello Investments, LLCFebruary 22, 2003$42,000,000$22,603,828.27Cash
LouisianaMilton & Ethel SchroederFebruary 22, 2003$42,000,000$22,603,828.27Cash
MissouriRondal EatonFebruary 1, 2003$101,800,000$54,819,886.24Cash
IndianaWatertown 34February 1, 2003$101,800,000$54,819,886.24Cash

Biggest Powerball Winners

The Powerball jackpot regularly grows into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and sometimes passes $1 billion. It can climb so quickly for a number of reasons.

The top prize starts at $20 million and rolls over every time it is not won. There is no jackpot cap so it can just keep growing and growing.

There is a large player pool as the game is offered in 45 states - plus three other jurisdictions. As the jackpot rises, even more tickets are sold across the country. The list below shows the biggest Powerball jackpots ever won.

$2.04 billionNovember 7, 2022A ticket holder from California was the only player to match all the numbers in this record draw, winning a jackpot of more than $2 billion. The cash option was worth $997 million. The winning ticket was sold at Joe’s Service Center, 15 W Woodbury Road, Altadena. There was such high demand for tickets that the draw was delayed by around 10 hours due to one of the participating lotteries experiencing a technical issue with its sales verification system. The jackpot was eventually claimed in February 2023 by Edwin Castro, who said he was ‘shocked and ecstatic’. He said he wanted to remain private so turned down media opportunities to speak more about his big win.
$1.76 billionOctober 11, 2023 One single entry won this big jackpot with a ticket bought in Kern County, at Midway Market and Liquor in Frazier Park. It was the second time in a row that the jackpot had passed $1 billion, following the big win in July 2023. The cash value was $774.1 million. The grand prize was claimed approximately five months later, in March 2024, by a group of winners represented by Theodorus Struyck.
$1.6 billionJanuary 13, 2016Three ticket holders made lottery history when they won an incredible jackpot worth $1.586 billion. The lucky winners were from California, Florida and Tennessee and each took home a pre-tax total of $528.8 million. John and Lisa Robinson of Munford in Tennessee were the first to come forward, going on the Today show to break the news just days after the drawing was held. David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith from Melbourne Beach in Florida stepped forward the following month, and in July 2016, Marvin and Mae Acosta of Chino Hills, California, claimed their share of the prize, ending months of speculation about what had happened to the third ticket.
$1.32 billionApril 6, 2024After the jackpot stormed past $1 billion once again, a ticket holder from Portland in Oregon matched all the numbers to set a new state record. The draw actually happened more than three hours late as one of the participating lotteries needed extra time to complete the required security procedures. The big prize was claimed two days after the lucky draw took place by Cheng “Charlie” Saephan, a 46-year-old man from Portland who had been battling cancer since 2016. He shared the price of the tickets he bought with his friend Laiza Chao, therefore she took 50% of the prize. Saephan decided to give half of his share to his wife, Duanpen. The trio went for the cash option of $422.3 million, after taxes.
$1.08 billionJuly 19, 2023A ticket sold in California matched all six numbers drawn to win the $1.08 billion jackpot. The billion-dollar ticket was sold in downtown Los Angeles at Las Palmitas Mini Market. Lucky lady Yanira Alvarez claimed the big prize in October 2023 and she went for the cash value option worth $558.1 million, before federal taxes.
$842 millionJanuary 1, 2024A three-member club from Michigan enjoyed the perfect start to 2024 when they matched all the numbers in this New Year’s Day drawing. The jackpot had been on its way towards $1 billion following a run of 34 drawings without a winner, while the cash value was $425.2 million. The winning ticket was sold at the Food Castle in Grand Blanc, located at 3035 East Grand Blanc Road. ‘The Breakfast Club’ lottery club chose the cash option and received approximately $305 million after taxes. The winners plan on using the money for early retirement, travel, family and nonprofit organizations.
$768 millionMarch 27, 2019Wisconsin's Manuel Franco became the biggest Powerball winner on a single ticket at the time after buying 10 tickets from a Speedway on Beloit Road in New Berlin, Milwaukee. The 24-year-old, who came forward less than a month later, revealed that he had screamed for about five to ten minutes when he found out he had won. Having decided to take the cash option of $477 million, he said he wanted to take a break before 'helping out the world'.
$758 millionAugust 23, 2017Mavis Wanczyk, 53, bought the winning ticket at a petrol station in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The win was the highest ever on a single lottery ticket at the time, surpassing the previous record set in 2013. Ms Wanczyk opted to take the $480.5 million cash lump sum over the $758.7 million annuity. She revealed that she had already quit her job as a patient care worker when she took part in a press conference to promote the win just a couple of days later.
$754 millionFebruary 6, 2023The jackpot grew past three quarters of a billion dollars during an 11-week roll at the end of 2022 and start of 2023. It was only stopped from going higher by a single ticket holder from Washington, who matched all the numbers to become the Evergreen State’s biggest winner. Becky Bell from Auburn was revealed to be the winner. As an employee of Boeing, she said she had a lucky feeling after seeing the advertised jackpot was $747 million. Bell chose the cash option of $407.2 million.
$731 millionJanuary 20, 2021An anonymous group, known as The Power Pack, became Maryland’s biggest-ever winners when they banked this $731 million jackpot. They came forward four months after the draw and decided to take the cash option of $546 million. It was revealed that the Quick Pick ticket they purchased, from the Coney Market convenience store in the town of Lonaconing, was the only one they had purchased for the draw. The player who checked the ticket had told the rest of the group at the time, “This can’t be right, I’m going to work,” before they eventually got the win verified.

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